Our story

The owner of Worldwide Football Shirts started creating football related content in 2019
to express his passion for football. From that hobby grew an engaged audience
who later remained loyal and co-believed in mystery football shirt boxes,
autographed items, ... companies.

With all these projects, something was missing. A built-up audience that could not be
fully reached. Something crucial missing from the owner's mission. As a result,
Worldwide Football shirts was born. The universal place where you can buy 1 on
1 shirts, with the unlimited possibility of opening shops, organising events,
... We want to go universal, grow with us. Grow worldwide.

This is written at 8/09/2023 and at this exact moment we have sold 4 shirts, have +/- 150 shirts listed. Let’s see where these digits are whenever YOU are reading this. “

Arthur, founder of Worldwide Football Shirts